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Arid Land Geography is an academic magazine sponsored by the Xinjiang Institute of Geology and Geography, Chinese Academy of Sciences. It was initially published in 1978 under the name of Xinjiang Geography and its publication was irregular. It became a quarterly in 1982 and adopted the present name in 1985. It has been chosen by Chinese Science Citation Database, Chinese Science and Technology Abstracts (CSTA) Database (English Edition), Chinese Journal Database, China Journal Network as core information source magazine. It also entered the list of foreign database such as CAB, AGRIS, AGECONCO, PLANT GENE, CAB HEALTH, GeoRef as a citation journal. It was adopted by Science Press as one of its hundreds of academic periodicals in 1996.Its distributed by Urumqi Post Office at home and China International Book Trading Corporation abroad (P.O. Box 339,Beijing, China, Distribution Code: Q4557).

The main academic contents of Arid Land Geography include the new theories, technologies, methods and achievements in geography of the arid region, particularly in the fields of physical geography, human geography, regional geography, natural resource exploitation and utilization, environment evolution, disaster prevention and control meteorology and climatology in arid area. The aim of the journal is to promote academic exchange at home and aboard and to set up the forum for prospering and developing geography of arid land.

Readers of the journal are geographical scientists, teachers in Universities and high schools and other professionals in related fields.

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